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Vans & Motorhome Tuning

Optimum Tuning Ltd

At Optimum Tuning Ltd we now specialise in van and motor home upgrades, providing a quality product which increases bhp, torque, throttle response and MPG whilst also improving smoothness for a al round better drive. This also results in safer overtaking, less gear changes and more power when climbing hills.

Van and motorhome tuning is available over a wide range of makes and models from 1999 onwards and uses the same programming method as car tuning over the Serial port inside the vehicle. Hundreds of people have been delighted from our work on vans and motorhomes. If you cant see your model on the vehicle search please contact us, we may be able to help.

Upgrades from £279

All stock software is saved on our database and is easily reversible if needed. Our van and motor home upgrades start from just £279 installed.

ECU remapping

Better acceleration, Higher torque see the table below for full benefits

Speed limiter removal

Can be included with a remap session or can be done separately on many models - Please contact us for more information.

We can also remap vehicles with hardware upgrades such as FMIC, hybrid turbo’s,and
other modifications. Please contact us for more details.

ECU remapping benefits Included
Better acceleration.
Higher torque allowing less gear changes.
Maintain set speeds easier on hills & motorways.
The upgrade is virtually invisible to dealer diagnostic equipment.
Speed Limiter removal when applicable.

Ecu Mapping Process

Diagnostic check: First we carry out a full diagnostic check, this is to see is there are any under-lying faults within your engine management system. You will be notified of there is any and discuss further actions if required. This is free with all Optimum Tuning Ltd

Road test: We road test the vehicle to make sure no obvious mechanical issues exist.

ECU read: Then we read the standard software from your vehicle via the Serial port or removal of ECU. This is then saved on our database and you will receive a copy of your standard software.

Modification: We then modify your standard software to within its safe working limits,
ensuring smooth power and torque increase.

Final Road test: Now we road test it after the upgrade process is completed. This not
only is an opportunity to appreciate our years of research and testing to produce smooth
increments of torque and power but to make sure no mechanical issues have been
highlighted by the remap.


There are so many restrictions on motorists and your vehicles ECU software is no exception. All petrol and diesel vehicles are restricted by the manufacturer from factory to compensate for the possibility of poor service and maintenance, use of lower quality fuels/oil and to meet lower road tax/ insurance brackets etc. Optimum Tuning Ltd can raise these limits to give you a more powerful, sharper, smoother and more responsive drive. We only use the very best programmes and hardware to upgrade your vehicles ECU software to increase BHP,

Torque, throttle responsive and MPG All our software upgrades, both remapping and traditional chip tuning (if not supported by Serial Port Programming) meet TUV approval, ensuring your vehicles engine stays within safe measures.

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