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Feedback from our customers

At Optimum Tuning Ltd we now specialise in van and motor home upgrades, providing a quality product which increases bhp, torque, throttle response and MPG whilst also improving smoothness for a al round better drive. This also results in safer overtaking, less gear changes and more power when climbing hills.

Hi,just a quick thanks and to say the Golf is running great zero smoke and returning a 6 mpg improvement on the motorway. Money well spent! Many thanks,Gary
- Gary Layfield Golf mk5 TDI

Hi ive just took my Audi for a good run up the Lakes today and im really impressed with the power increase your remap has acheived i have a friend that i have recommended you to and he should be in touch with you shortly to remap his Skoda Fabia.Thanks again Scott
- Scott Knight Audi A4 2.5 TDi v6

Hello ive just got home and my van has never felt so powerful! It took me by surprise how different it feels,loads more bottom end and a good top speed improvement too.I will let you know how the Fuel is improved next week.Cheers Jim
- James Lamb VW Transporter T5 130

Hi thanks for the work you did today on my 318ci you can definately tell the differance.Spot on.
- Sam Johnson Bmw 318ci

Hiya just to let you know my Jeep has improved from 36mpg to 43 average! It feels so much smoother and the added torque is really handy when towing.Highly recommended.
- George Benson Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD

The Focus ST is running brilliant thanks.The remap has cured a annoying flat spot too which is great. I had it Dyno’ed last month just after i had it remapped and it did 277bhp
- Simon Oneal Ford Focus ST

There are so many restrictions on motorists and your vehicles ECU software is no exception. All petrol and diesel vehicles are restricted by the manufacturer from factory to compensate for the possibility of poor service and maintenance, use of lower quality fuels/oil and to meet lower road tax/ insurance brackets etc. Optimum Tuning Ltd can raise these limits to give you a more powerful, sharper, smoother and more responsive drive. We only use the very best programmes and hardware to upgrade your vehicles ECU software to increase BHP,

Torque, throttle responsive and MPG All our software upgrades, both remapping and traditional chip tuning (if not supported by Serial Port Programming) meet TUV approval, ensuring your vehicles engine stays within safe measures.

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